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The cold front that brought us rain approaching.

And rain it did. Enjoy your day.


A winter storm on approach during an early evening.

Approaching storm

Yes, it did rain that night.   Enjoy the day.

At daybreak it looked like we were in for a great stormy day.

Approaching storm not

However, it was a false alarm and within an hour the sky was cloudless.

Enjoy a super day.

Approaching rain

June storm approaching

And rain it did.

Enjoy a blessed day.

The brief brightness of the moon we saw on Monday evening

c Full moon July 2013

was no indication of the dark somber daybreak we had on Tuesday morning

c Stormy  daybreak

We had our storm before reaching midmorning.  Enjoy the day.

The storm blowing up

c Solstice Storm

Were many tries but eventually caught the sun through the clouds

c Sun storm clouds

Have a super day.

The only way to handle stormy weather

c In dreamland

We will enjoy the raging storm, you folk enjoy a great day.

The night’s storm made for a dramatic daybreak

c DSC_0013

The rain was over and the Friday scavengers were out in force raiding the garbage bins for any useful recycables

c DSC_0014

Enjoy the weekend.

Yesterday’s dawn  after the night’s storm

c After the storm

Have a super day.

At daybreak yesterday all indications were we are in for stormy weather

c Stormy daybreak

However it eventually turned out to be a cold but lovely autumn day.

Midweek again, time flies, but enjoy.