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Yesterday’s stormy weather on early morning approach.

Morning storm approach

Enjoy a super day.

On Sunday we experienced a true day of the Cape of Storms.  In a matter of seven hours we received 34mm (1.3 inches) of rain, but here we could handle it.  However the wind brought its toll in the garden as we discovered later.  A branch was ripped off the peach tree and it looks like half of our peach harvest is as one can say gone with the wind.




Oh well, part of nature.  Enjoy a super day.

The old saying “red sky in the morning, the shepherd’s warning” ran true this week.

The morning sky at daybreak


As day proceeded the storm clouds made their presence known.



And rain it did.

Enjoy the start to the weekend.

The weather can play tricks one regardless its appearance or forecasts, especially where we are being situated between two oceans and being blessed by beautiful mountain ranges.

In for a day of storms


The day actually turned out to be a normal fully overcast day with the occasional sprinkle of light rain that one could barely call showers.

Have a pleasant Friday preparing for the weekend.

We are still in the grip of a very cold and sometimes stormy weather pattern.  Not the winds of hurricane Arthur that hit North Carolina in the US of A, but our “breeze” had its moments of destruction as can be seen what happened yesterday afternoon across the street from us.

Storm damage

Will fight the cold this evening with a hearty boiling cheese fondue.

Heavy rain on approach on Sunday morning past

Storm on approach

Have a blessed day.

The threatening storm that did not materialise.

A daybreak warning

Threatening storm

Have a super day.

This was how our week started seven days ago and it was no empty promise

Stormy daybreak Sept 2013 2

Was like Winter’s last strangle hold on us.  For today we have been promised sunshine and warm summer temperatures to start the new week.  Hope it lasts all week as winter has used me up.  Have a super day.

Almost the end of Spring and we are in the grips of mid-winter.  The weather experts promised us rain and snow for the next 48 hours.  Fortunately being at sea level the snow won’t hit us down here, but once on the mountains and the wind comes from the north or northwest which is bound to happen we are going to freeze.  As far as the rain is concerned they said ¨heavy¨and here the proof.  The photo was taken from inside the car with the wipers on high speed.  Got home safely.

Rain galore 20130919

Enjoy the evening.  Now to convince the Better Half it is an evening for a pan cake (crèpes) supper, a good red wine and all heaters going full ball.

Been through a cold, wet and stormy weekend.  Hopefully Spring will now come along with the correct temperatures.

Is the storm over?

Storm clouds 1

Be it as it may, we are told a new cold front should hit us on Thursday.

Have a great day and a super new week.