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The sign of a hot day ahead.

A summer sunrise

Have a great start to the new week.


A colourfull summer dawn over Cape Town, November 2016.

A summer dawn

Enjoy the of rest.

Been living in Cape Town now for just on 12 years and believe me I have not experienced such a hot summer as what we are going through at the moment. Everything is getting scorched. It has become a major battle to save the gardens with water restrictions in place.

Prelude to hot day.Start of a hot day

Those clouds soon disappeared leaving us to the mercy of the son and a near storm strength Southeaster blowing, but not bringing any relief in the low 30sC (high 82F).  Yesterday was a true killer 36C (96.8F) sapping every iota of energy from the body.

Enjoy the start of the new week, we will survive.

The first sign autumn is upon us and summer is of the past.

Autumn starting 2015

Enjoy a pleasant midweek evening.

This winter is truly clinging on.  The end of August, winter should in essence be over, but the average maximum temperature in South Africa today was a mere 16C  (almost 70F).  here in Cape Town at noon I measured 10,5C (51F) and when I saw this pic of snow covered mountains I knew why.

Taken at Ceres 126 kilometres (+/-80 miles) from where I am sitting, and the wind comes from there.

78366849343e40f1b4d0d74c84542de1(Photo credit to News24)

Hopefully September will bring about our glorious spring.

Have a great Friday evening while we try to keep warm.

Man. oh man, am I fed up with our winter.  I am on the verge of cabin fever with our Capetoian weather.  Nevertheless judging by the aloes winter is almost over and my climate, summer, is on its way.

The aloes are fading.


Enjoy the day, tomorrow is Friday and we can let our hair down.

In my mind I am enjoying a warm summer’s day in Lisbon, but in reality my body is enduring the icy cold of Cape Town.

More Lisbon pics.

Picture 019

Picture 038

Picture 041

Picture 057

Picture 104

Have a great evening.

As was expected it was a killer yesterday, so the evening was entered into with a Weber special.

Start the fire

And tasty it was.

Braai ready

The predictions for today do not seem to be anywhere near cool, so we will have to brace ourselves for another sweltering day.  Summer’s last grasp on Cape Town before winter takes over.

back to the same internet problems as last week.  Having checked the Apple system against the Microsoft system I can only come to the conclusion the fault lies with Google’s servers as both systems gave me the same results.  Any link attached to Google like gmail is inoperative.  Anyway, here is a cat of format enjoying a sunbath, perhaps the last until summer is here again around October.

A sun bath

Enjoy the day of rest.

Today is not as bad as yesterday or Saturday, but it is bad enough.  Took some temperatures at regular intervals starting at 4:30 this morning and here how it went until 3 pm.

4:30am 25C/77F

8am 30C/86F

noon 35C/95F

3pm 44C/111.2

All the above outside temperatures.  Inside we had to cope with 30C/86F.  On the positive side it is not as bad as Saturday and Sunday was.  Here some hot dog pics from Saturday’s training.

Chek my markings

Gimme cold water


I am hot

Hoping for a cool down this evening.