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A late autumn daybreak


midweek, enjoy the day.


A fiery horizon at an autumn daybreak.

Burning horisn

Enjoy the start of the new week.

By nature I am an early riser and thus have ample me time to enjoy.  The silence of the dark hour of the fading night is occasionally broken by the call of a night bird or two giving rise to an extra appreciation of the beauty of nature.

Half moon shining above before the crack of dawn


Then slowly the darkness of the night is replaced by a nautical dusk that rapidly changes to dusk and then daybreak while the birds announce the departure of the dark and herald in the new day.

Ball of fire rising in the east


However, some mornings, like today, can be grey and wet.  Yes, raining again as the new week kicks off.  Enjoy the day.

Usually when we get fog it is more a light mist and occurs around sunrise.  Last Friday was an exception to the rule.  Sunrise was a non spectacular event, but then at 8:30am a sudden bout of fog rolled in enveloping our suburb in semi darkness.

Morning fog

The foggy morning lasted until after noon when the fog started to lift and the sun slowly became visible again.

Morning fog sun breaking through

Enjoy a super midweek day.

The late afternoon sun obscured by clouds.

Afternoon sun and clouds 1

Afternoon sun and clouds 2

Unfortunately there no rain that night.

Enjoy a super Sunday.

I have a feeling this morning’s daybreak was not an indication that winter is heading towards spring.

Flaming daybreak sky over the Cape Flats this morning at 0730H.

Sunrise 23 Jul 14

Enjoy the evening.

A cold early winter sunset.

Cold sunset

Enjoy the new week ahead.

A flaming sunrise

Pink sunrise

Enjoy the new week.

A gentle soft early winter sunset.

Gentle sunset

Enjoy a great Friday evening.

Early winter sunrise colours heralds in the new day.

Sun rise 29 March 14

Enjoy a blessed day.