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Hopefully if plans work out in six weeks we will be in Switzerland.  Plane tickets bought , the house sitter organised and now only the Schengen visa schlep to finalise.  Looking forward to that visit and the enjoyment of seeing the grandies again.

Three shots of my early morning view for many a day.

Alps 1

Alps 2

Alps 3

And conditions permitting  the Mont Blanc in France in the distance.

Alps 4 Mt Blanc

The rain has stopped so hopefully some sunshine days ahead.

Enjoy the evening, bangers, fried onions and mash potatoes this end of the woods.

Thanks to the theft of my previous computer and no back ups I have run out of photos.  My hopes to go camera wild today were shattered by a true Capetonian winter’s day – a Northwester gusting up to 55km/h and more, plus rain and true dark monochrome light.  Nevertheless here a little more from my neighbourhood.

Our quiet street leading towards the mountain

Lewis Drive up

and leading down away from the mountain

Lewis Drive down

Our driveway leading towards the house

Our drive

… and our humble abode in modern Cape Dutch style

Our house

Supper tonight a real winter dish – cheese fondue with ciabata bread, kirschwasser and a delicious Zonnenbloem sauvignon blanc.

Enjoy your evening with as much gusto as we are going to enjoy ours.

With the Easter break behind us today had the pooches back to class.

The class is there

Quite a crowd of people or shall we say canines.

On our way to join the fun ……

Back to class

….. but first sit, you are well trained and wait for the join command

Sitting well trained

Was great to see Joe our Bull Dog friend again, but wow he has grown into a big dog over the Easter break

Joe the Bull Dog

and the 8 month old Malamute pup grew right out his skin

Malamut 8 months old

The bad news at class was the Dalmatians, see them here going to attack an Irish Wolf Hound, but they were reigned in and controlled.

Aggressive Dalmations

I will be honest, since getting to know Dalmatians at training that breed is not on my list of favourite dogs.  Sorry to say they are aggressive and I do hope that a showdown with our gentle Sophie will not happen, because the Dalmatian will come off second best if the old girl loses her cool as she can be a vicious control freak if provoked, and with me there too she will have a defensive back up.

Have a great Saturday evening, cheese fondue, ciabata, Swiss dry white wine and Kirschwasser on the menu here for a cold rainy evening.