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Kranze in the Table Mountain range.

Enjoy the end of the week.


The gondolas to take one to the summit of Table Mountain

The old

The new

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Table Mountain see from the Blaauwberg Nature Reserve.




Enjoy a blessed day.

Table Mountain seen from the suburb Milnerton.


Enjoy a super day.

A winter sunset over Table Mountain and Devil’s Peak as seen from the southern suburb of Constantia.


Enjoy the day of rest.

The trail we chose is more for hiking than for hiking at leisure and enjoying the view and playing with the camera.  However, I did shoot plenty and kept some in spite of heavy self-censorship.

Forgotten log.


Bishops Court in the distance.


Boulder protruding from the bush.


Stumps from harvested trees.



A stone in a stump.


A dog faced rock.


Enjoy a super Saturday.

The recent fires on our mountain range necessitated a change in choice of our monthly hiking trail.  The choice fell to one of the trails one can take from the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.  The original plan was to hike towards Newlands and then up the mountain to the Contour Trail and swing back towards Constantia Neck and then down back to the Gardens.

The Kirstenbosch Tearoom at the entrance.


A water feature at the entrance.


In spite of the dry summer some rivulets still trickle along.


View onto the gardens from the trail.


The Window Buttress above us.


Castle Rock behind us.


AH, the start of the weekend lies ahead.  Enjoy the day.

From Silvermine gate I continued to gate two.  Although no cars were allowed in one could enter on foot and venture rather deep into the area.  Here the devastation could truly be see.  The entire area resembled one massive monochrome photo.

Fire 30 Silvermine 2 aftermath

Fire 31 Silvermine 2 aftermath

Fire 32 Silvermine 2 aftermath

Somehow the toilets did not burn down.

Fire 35 Silvermine 2 aftermath

Fire 38 Silvermine 2 aftermath

Amazing some of the Suurvygies (sour figs) survived in patches but for most they were also burnt almost beyond recognition.

Fire 40 Silvermine 2 aftermath

While here I was also entertained by a helicopter doing an arial survey of the burnt area and like that pilot I also hoped that there would not be any flare up catch his attention.

Fire 39 Silvermine 2 aftermath

We off for our monthly hike but not on the original trail above Muizenberg which is where the fire started, chose an alternate trail through the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens and partially up the mountain.  Have a super day.

On Monday I decided to go see whether I could get to the starting points of the trails we hike in Silver Mine.  Traveling up the pass known as Ou Kaapse weg was a shocker on the eyes, everything was burnt to ashes.  It was not possible to stop for photos, not even where there was a thatched roof house with half the roof gone.  Nevertheless, when I reached the entrance to Silvermine 1 the road was blocked off, but there was enough space to park and get out and let the camera do some clicks of the devastated scenery.  Nobody was permitted to enter and walk deeper into the park. So without much to do below some of the pics I took.

Fire 25 Silvermine 1 aftermath

Fire 26 Silvermine 1 aftermath

Fire 27 Silvermine 1 aftermath

Fire 28 Silvermine 1 aftermath

Fire 29 Silvermine 1 aftermath

Heard on the news that the fire in the Jonkershoek valley near Stellenbosch has been contained and is under control.  I doubt if we will go hiking there soon.

Enjoy the midweek day.

Day four of the fire started with a renewed flare up in the Tokai Forest.

Fire 19 Constantiaberg glowing%0A

On our side Constantiaberg was also still blasing away.

Fire 20 Constantiaberg glowing%0A

For the first time we could smell the fire and once it became light we noticed the blue smoke haze hanging over us.  Flight BA43 from Heathrow must have had a spectacular view as it was welcomed to Cape Town by the smoke filled sky.

Fire 22 BA43 arriving in smoke filled sky%0A

Even Table Mountain and Devil’s Peak that are usually clearly visible from here were obscured by the smoke.  Looking at the vegetation between here and Table Mountain I can only count our blessings that we were spared the flames.

Fire 23 Table Mountain obscured%0A

The fires were contained on day five with only three hot spots that needed close monitoring.  All in all there were 2000 firefighters on the ground and 5000 hectare burnt to ashes.  I tried to get to the Tokai Forest were we hiked three weeks ago, but was denied access due to the fact it was one of the hot spots.

Enjoy a great start to the weekend.