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One of many polluting the air we breath and the police do nothing.

Polution contributor

Could fortunately pass him and had fresh air again.


Thursday afternoon past I took a neighbour to the airport to take his flight to London.  They journey out took some twenty minutes.  Returning home was a different story all together. I was silently delighted that I no longer have to face rush hour traffic five days of the week. The return journey took just on an hour.

Rhodes Drive at 4:15pm

A Friday traffic jam 1

A Friday traffic jam 2

I shudder to think what that same route looks like on a Friday afternoon. Enjoy the midweek day.

An early winter morning scene in our suburb.

Thursday past.

Fog 1

Fog 2

Fortunately the drivers were careful and no collisions were reported.

Enjoy the day.

Albeit that we live in a family orientated suburb with people walking their kids and dogs at all time of the day plus flocks of guinea fowl, squirrels and Egyptian geese, there are still drivers who race through our streets and often one comes across a squashed squirrel or guinea fowl.  These drivers are either in transit or visitors as we the inhabitants drive slowly and take care of our suburban wild life amongst others.

A little pedestrian of a different kind

Royal game

Enjoy the midweek day.

Traffic on a major highway, lunch time Mothers’ Day 2016 in Cape Town.

Traffic Mothers Day

Having lunch at home today.

This weekend the holiday season in South Africa really kicked off and with bad news all round for travelling. Over 500 lives already lost due to bad driving.  Yes, bad driving and not accidents as an accident is something like when a tree falls on to your car.  Whether in the snow covered northern hemisphere or the dry sunny hemisphere this time of the year calls for extra vigilance when driving.  Please no drinking before taking the steering wheel, no texting when driving, ignore the call on the mobile phone and keep a close eye on the speed, rather be late than dead on time.

Do not become a statistic

Drive alive 1

Drive alive 2

Fortunately no deaths, but a hospital did receive new guests.  Stay well, stay safe.

Over here when confronted by these jaywalkers you will stop.

Feathery pedestrians STOP

Can’t believe it is weekend again.

There are many reasons why do not really like going to the city center and I think the pic below says it all.

Oh, the traffic.

Heavy traffic

Enjoy the day.

About to start packing and prepare for the journey home on Wednesday.  Was a joyful twenty days without any rushing or fixed schedule, just the way a holiday should be.  Here a little about our base, Bremblens.  The population of the village is approximately 500.  Bremblens is situated on a hill four and half a kilometre from the village of Morge.  Agriculture is the mainstay of Bremblen’s economic activity.To the east the view from the childrens’ house is upon Lausanne and the Alps and to the west the Jura mountains.This year due to weather conditions we saw very little of the Alps which were mostly covered by a cloud layer.

Lausanne and the Alps seen on a very cloudy day.

Lausanne under cloud

The Bremblens temple.

Bremblens Temple 1

Bremblens Temple 2

The water crib from yonder years at the temple.

Trough at Bremblens Temple

The main streets of Bremblens.

Bremblens street 1

Bremblens street 2

Bremblens street 3

And if you are in a car you will reverse!

Bremblens street 4

Now it is a question of patience till we get to the airport tomorrow and the long flight back home starts.

Have a super day.

Heavy traffic on a public holiday.

Traffic lights

A Francoline caught in a vineyard.

Grey wing Francolin

Caught it with the telephoto, but he heard the shutter click and disappeared in a flash.

Have a great evening.