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What a sight to awaken to – an early morning surprise.

Anyway the weekend is here again, enjoy.


A company car spotted in town, well decorated in a novel manner.

Ah, weekend again as the year slowly runs out, enjoy.

Traffic on a major highway, lunch time Mothers’ Day 2016 in Cape Town.

Traffic Mothers Day

Having lunch at home today.

Too lazy to walk, too far to go or just for the fun of it one can rent a bike to do whatever one want’s to do in Morges.

Bikes to rent

Photo taken at the station.

A visit to Switzerland can not be complete without enjoying the pleasure of using public transport.  Not only are the buses and trains meticulously on time but they are also spotlessly clean. We undertook our public transport adventure Tuesday past when we went to visit old friends living in la Conversion on the other side of Lausanne.  Was a great reunion which included Dutch friends who came down from Berne where they are living.  Our friendship dates from the late 1980s when we all were Ambassadors in Kinshasha in the then Zaïre now Congo.

The bus which we took to the station in Morges arriving

La Conversion 1

Pics taken at the Morges station

La Conversion 2

An express train zipping through

La Conversion 4

Our train arriving

La Conversion 5

The spotless interior

La Conversion 8

From our friends’ apartment one can look over Lac Lemans into France on a clear day.  However, we were not so lucky as the pic below shows what a typical Swiss Spring day can look like.

La Conversion 7

Enjoy the weekend to the fullest.

The yacht basin, Hout Bay harbour.

Yacht basin

Ah, end of the week again and the weekend is upon us.

So he drove the delivery van at quite some speed and on the curve in the road lost control and well this was the end result.

Doodrift Rd prang damage

Happy Easter to all.

Our area has been relatively free of any crime incidents over the past number of months.  However, surprises have a habit of suddenly appearing and in shocking manners.  The owner of a car in the next block was not the victim of an April Fool’s day joke.  During the night unwelcome visitors hit his car which was parked in the driveway.

No more wheels.

Stolen wheels

The method the scum follow is to place bricks under axel and chassis, let the air out the tyres and then remove the wheels and get the hell out of the area.  One cannot help to have pity with the victim while inwardly boiling with fury.  Although our vehicles are parked inside the property and behind a wall they are not garaged.  The only protection is a security light triggered by a sensor that lights up the area where the cars are parked and the room where the dogs sleep that is adjacent to where the cars are so they can raise the alarm in event of anything suspicious happening.  Nevertheless, today I will go and purchase lock nuts for both cars and fir them.

End of a short week.  Have a super day.

Overloading is popular in this here country.

Over loading

…. even overloading with people.


Enjoy the day preparing for the weekend.

There are many reasons why do not really like going to the city center and I think the pic below says it all.

Oh, the traffic.

Heavy traffic

Enjoy the day.