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An aircraft leaving a vapour trail flying through Swiss airspace


Enjoy the evening.

Some odd photos taken on a walk.

Old and new

Very old and new

Path through the forest

Road in the forest

Another Alpine view

Another Alpine view

Truly a lovely area where we are staying, only the weather is not playing along the way it should. Have a super day.

Our first here was grey and cold.  Could not see the Alps due to the low cloud and mist.  However, daybreak on the second day gave me hope that some time during the day the Alps will present itself for a photo session.

Daybreak over the Alps

Sunrise 26 March

Later during the afternoon an opportunity presented itself and we could see the mountains from where we are staying.

Alps Lausanne 1

Alps Lausanne 2

Alps Lausanne 3

And behind us, much closer, the Jura mountains still waring its winter snow cap

Snow on the Jura

Enjoy the start of a short week.

It is always a pleasure to call in on a bakery in Switzerland and let the eyes feast upon the variety of bread to choose from, not to mention the nose taking in all the aromas that surround one.

Bread 2

Bread 1

Enjoy the day.

Although the down view from the aircraft was quite obscured by mistiness I tried my luck and took some pics.  Most turned out to be disasters but I did keep a few for memory sake.

Mountains on the Syrian/Iraqi border


Erosion in the desert land seen from high up


Entering the Alpine zone


First day in Switzerland and it is freezing and rain threatening.  Cheese fondue for supper tonight. Hope all enjoy(ed) your Easter Friday.

Will be missing for a day or more. In a couple of hours we will be en route to the land of the Alps and cheese.

In flight

Have a great day.

My guess is there is no expression better than “home sweet home”, and yes after a twenty three hour from home to home almost gruelling journey by plane it is truly a sweet sounding expression.  Oh, make no mistake it was a wonderful break to have been with the children and the grandies, but in all honesty I am glad to be back in “my place”.  There will still be more pics taken in Switzerland following now and then as sweet reminders of a joyful time, but mostly a reminder to me that I wish to share.

Will be honest the twenty three hours bound to two flights were not for the meek and mild as eventually it saps the energy.  Try and imagine a flight of some five hours with first a snack and then a dinner served to be followed by the connecting flight which starts with a snack, then dinner and in what feels eventually like midday the flight is ended with breakfast only to be followed during the onward journey to Cape Town with, yes, with another belly filling snack.  OK, OK, I did skip the second dinner because enough is enough.

I do not know whose joy was the greatest, the dogs seeing us again, or me seeing the four legged sweethearts again.  As for the cats, who of course rule, it was simply a matter of “oh you are back” until they wanted food and I was restored to the important position of “leader of the pack” called by the the feeder in the house 🙂 .

To conclude a few more pics taken in Morges.

What is called the town hall

City Hall Morge 1

Town hall

Shutters painted in the custom of the Vaud region.


If you have been to Morges and not been here for pancakes you may as well not have visited Morges.

Place for pancakes

Back to recovery after the enduring trip.  Enjoy the coming up weekend.

This internet station is now closing down for 48 h0urs due to travelling in order to get back to home sweet home.

See you all from Cape Town again.

Pics of the Iffigenfall fall near Lenk.

Iffigenfall 1

Iffigenfall 3

Iffigenfall 4

Iffigenfall 5

And so the fickle finger of fate arranged for me to get that horror called a cold while on holiday, but survival is the name of the game.  Have a great day.

Children can be shy at times and especially with strangers, but at the Älpler Fest I found the opposite when I asked if I could shoot a pic or two of those in traditional costumes.  It usually ended with me and my broken German and the parents exchanging a quick round of small talk which was more about where am I from and what am I doing here.  Anyway, time for the pics to do the talking.

No age limit for attending.



Are we not pretty.







I can’t believe that the first week of the vacation is over and only two more to go.  Feels like yesterday that we left Cape Town.

Enjoy the hump day.