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What a sight to awaken to – an early morning surprise.

Anyway the weekend is here again, enjoy.


At first light I went out to go check the rain gauge to see how much rain we received during what sounded as a wet dark hour era.  Lo and behold this is what caught my eye – an electoral flat tyre.


No comments on my reaction or my vocabulary improvement when I dealt with the matter in the afternoon. Anyway, we went to our polling station in my wife’s car which can be interpreted as that I was chauffeur driven to go exercise my voting right.



Hoping that midmorning would be a quiet time we were surprised by the number of people people waiting in line at the voting station.


Voters came in all sizes and shapes and it was almost if there was a carnival atmosphere prevailing and no complaining over the long waiting time ahead.


Even pooches came to vote.


Officials scanning an ID book to make sure the voter is registered to vote at the particular voting station.


Today will be spent mostly looking at the results and then as of tomorrow life will be back to normal.

Enjoy a super day.

PS.  Took us just on an hour before our patriotic duty was done.

We all take it for granted when we take off in our cars that nothing will go wrong.  Good, maybe many of us happen to be on alert stations as far as careless, reckless and selfish other drivers are concerned and at unexpected times we did successfully take avoidance action.  But what when the fickle finger of fate comes into play and a tyre decides to end its life taking the wheel rim along at the same time?

That is the end

OK, the guy did admit he was traveling in excess of the speed limit when the tyre blew and he hit the sidewalk curb.

Drive alive folks.  Have a great week ahead.