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The Volkswagen Kugelwagen dating 1942

Saw this one at panel beaters this morning after it passed under their hands.

VW Kugelwagen 1942 a

VW Kugelwagen 1942 b

Albeit that the work is not yet finished I think it is a smasher from bygone days.

As usual on a Sunday morning I went to buy oven fresh croissants for breakfast.  Today’s trip brought along a little excitement and appreciation for the character of the inhabitants of our suburb.  Close to home I noticed this rabbit on a sidewalk.

I did come to an abrupt stop, grabbed my camera and flew, yes flew, out of the car as if it was on fire.  Managed to get some shots in when around the corner came this pet.

When the cat saw the rabbit, or it could have been me, it became all puffed up.  In my mind’s eye I saw me saving a rabbit from a vicious cat.  My fears were energy wasted.  The cat rushed up to the rabbit and tightly next to one another they dashed through the gate into the garden of the house where they obviously belong.  Could not get a pic of that move as they were too fast and my shutter speed was set far to slow for fast moving objects.

The old Volkswagen Beetle is becoming a rarity seldom seen now a days.  However I was treated to this guy at the bakery.  Left hand drive and a German  license plate.  According to the owner its clock has turned over a few times, but that VW is in impeccable condition with an engine purring as a healthy VW engine should purr.

The day started very promising and at six this morning as the darkness of the night gave way to a gentle daybreak I decided it will be a nice roast beef on the Weber kettle and we will have our first end of Spring braai (BBQ) in style.  Yes, you guessed it,  shortly after nine the weather changed my mind for me and again we will eat out – out of the kitchen.  Anyway, MBH promised that it will be roast beef and Yorkshire pudding so I won’t complain too loudly.  Have a super day of rest.

Heading out of the city on Sunday I saw what brought back fond memories of a set of wheels I had in the early 1960s. Mine was deep maroon with a white strip on the sides. Had many a pleasurable moment with that car. Was not new when I bought it, but it had low mileage and was a bargain price.

Yes, the old Volkswagen Beatle.

It is midweek so have a great Wednesday.