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The cold front that brought us rain approaching.

And rain it did. Enjoy your day.


A late autumn sunrise

Having the strangest weather at present. Yesterday our day temperature went up to 37C (98.6F) which is very unusual for the end of fall. Rain predicted for today but at 5am there was not a cloud in sight. Nevertheless, have a great day wherever you are.

Are we anxiously waiting for days like this.


The drought is hitting us hard.

Enjoy the weekend.

After a night’s rain sunrise yielded a special view on the back of Table Mountain.

Morning sun Table Mountain

As a bonus we were also treated to a rainbow.


The weekend is here so please enjoy.

The forecast said rain and this what we got!

No rain

Enjoy the start of the new week.

A waxing moon on its way to full moon. Photo taken midmorning.

Half moon Sept 10

Rainless clouds decorating the morning sky.

White clouds

Enjoy the midweek day.

From my archives. ┬áMountain mist on the Bertie’s Balcony hiking trail.




Enjoy the start of the weekend.

An early winter morning scene in our suburb.

Thursday past.

Fog 1

Fog 2

Fortunately the drivers were careful and no collisions were reported.

Enjoy the day.

This was what Friday past looked like at the start of daybreak. It was no vain omen, we experienced a true day of the Cape of Storms.

Approaching storm

An early morning rainbow promising a nice sunny day.

Rainbow rain not over

enjoy the midweek day.