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Saved from extinction these are some of the big cats enjoying their final years in the safety of large fenced in camps.

Enjoy your weekend.


On a recent visit to the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens with the ai of bird watching which was somewhat of a failure as the birds, due to the heatwave, hid deep within the trees.  However, the gardens offer many a theme so the camera will never be bored.  I saw this young tortoise some distance away and walked over to it.  It was the most friendly tortoise I have ever encountered.  When it noticed me coming towards it, it changed direction and came towards me.  When I changed direction it would do the same.  I was allowed to scratch its head which it seemed to have liked.  Eventually I picked it up and placed it next to a flower bed and disappeared from its back (blind side) and it merrily disappeared amongst the flowers.

The friendly tortoise


Have a great new week.

Leaving the beach where the final wrecks were we headed towards the parking area thoroughly exhausted and happy, but well aware it is still some distance to cover.   Aware that the coastline will cut in along the way ahead I decided to take a short cut, but when I saw this lying ahead for me I rapidly returned to the beach proper.


Had I not returned I would have missed these black mussel catchers


and two gulls warming themselves on the rocks.


As we left the park by car two park inhabitants honoured us with their presence along the road.


Ostriches do have beautiful eyes one must admit,


….. and a Bontebok grazing on fresh grass sprouts.


Been a real dark Cape Town winter’s day.  Have since last night received over 42mm (over 1 and 1/2 inches) rain and the end seems not to be in sight for today.  Enjoy a pleasant evening wherever you are.

Words not needed

Seal on steps Kalk Bay harbour

Would be lovely to have one as a pet, but I think that would be unwise.

A rock rabbit on the boardwalk at Boulders, Simonstown.


Enjoy the start of the new week.

Today is international Rhinoceros day.  Spare a thought for those who risk their lives to protect the Rhino against poachers in the pay of superstitious money baggers living in the Far East.

Rhino on plate

I think this guy is sensing we are going to go away for a while.

You leaving me behind?

c Trying to look serious

Today in South Africa is called Rangers’ Day in honour of the men and women protecting our wild life against poaching

It is midweek again and enjoy a super day.

c DSCN1296

Been pouring cats and dogs since 4 am and it looks like a very wet day ahead.  Nevertheless lets enjoy the day.

Albeit that we live in a city in our neck of the woods one can say it is very rural with the large number of feathery wild life about.  Yesterday evening moments before sunset a Cape Nonnie owl settled on a neighbour’s roof.  Had just enough natural light to click a pic or two before it took off towards some trees nearby.

c Owl1

We hope this is a sign of a weatherwise a good weekend ahead for us.  Enjoy the Friday.