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 A misty prelude to the first dark moon of our winter.

Maybe if the clouds disappear which I doubt we will see the first new moon of our winter tonight.


A winter sunset over Table Mountain and Devil’s Peak as seen from the southern suburb of Constantia.


Enjoy the day of rest.

We can say we are in winter now.  Sunsets are bleak and colourless, but dawn still offers something for the eye.

Misty dawn

Foggy morning

A pale sunrise

Pale winter sunrise

Much needed rain falling at the moment.  Have a super day and all fathers enjoy it.

Being an early riser I can vouch for chilly temperatures in the hours close to dawn.

An early winter sunset over Cape Town.

late autumn sunset

Have a super start to the new week.

With winter and thus the rainy season upon us municipal workers were seen in our area cleaning the storm water drains to prevent any possible flooding.

Drain cleaning 1

Drain cleaning 2

Have a super day.

After a cold winter that was not as wet as in the past Spring day arrived on 1 September.  Daybreak was rather dull and left one with a feeling that winter is going to be with us for some time still.

Daybreak 1 September 2015

Spring daybreak

The cloud layer above had a brief break and the early birds could get a glimpse of the waining supermoon.

Waxing supermoon

As the day progressed the cloud layer was replaced with an almost clear sky, but in spite of the sunny day the temperatures remained in the low teens.  Come sunset one realised that winter is truly over and the season’s change has indeed arrived.

Spring sunset

For those who are having a long weekend enjoy and drive safely.  For the rest of us let the hair down and relax.

Some more flowers in Kirstenbosch as winter nears its end.






Have a super day.

Spring is in the air and the flowers at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens are beginning to bloom.





Midweek again and the children’s visit is almost over.

Have a super day.

Colourful signs are there that our winter is almost over.



Enjoy preparing for the weekend.

Arrived at dog training as the puppy class came to an end and caught this little pooch all dressed for winter.

Dressed for winter

Enjoy a peaceful Sunday.