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Woke up for some strange reason a t 3 am yesterday morning. Guess age is catching up. Went to make myself some coffee only to find the water needed to fill the kettle was only running at a trickle, no pressure at all.Ispected the bathrooms and the kitchen but found no sing of a leak. At first light I did the same in the garden, but it was all clear. After I got dressed I decided to have a look in the street. This what caught my eye.

The municipality was contacted and eventually pitched up to do the repairs to the water mains.

Almost six hours and we were back to normal. What a start to the weekend. Enjoy the day of rest.


About a hundred meters from our motor gate the street was going to pot with the appearance of potholes that were enlarging almost to the day. A neighbour complained that in spite of numerous phone calls nothing seems to happen regarding repairs. I said to him leave it to me, went home and fetched my camera, took some photos and mailed these to the municipality. Forty eight hours later the repais were done. Neighbour wa surprised. I said to him nothing is effective as a few photographs because the municipality does want it photos of that nature appearing in the press.

Two of the six photos I sent.

Enjoy preparing for the weekend.


Today eighteen years ago just after lunch we were nailed to the TV looking at a mass destruction taking place in New York where we lived for six years during the 1970s. I do not recall from where I took this photo but my guess is I took it from 42nd Street and Third Avenue. The World Trade Centre was one of our landmarks thus there is great sentimental loss for us.

In tragic memory.


On Tuesday past our city lived up to its nickname the Cape of Storms.  Been a few years since we received rain in such abundancee. Out dams are over 70% full compared to a year ago when at this time it was in the mid 50s.

And it poured

With the drought broken I can say with a smile enjoy preparing for the weekend.


The end of the road for some. Reckless driving?

Enjoy the day and drive safely.


So today is the shortest day in the northern hemisphere and the longest down south. Officially winter starts in the north and summer in the south. With summer here the season of wild fires also gets into full swing and all emergency services are on alert.

Mountain fire raging in the Table Mountain National Park 2016

That fire on Constantiaberg is some 15 km from here as the crow flies. Enjoy the day.


Having lived and worked in the US of A in the 1970s I followed the midterm elections with great interest. Not being a citizen of the US of A I was impartial. However my last night I was shocked by the conduct of President Trump and the reporter from CNN during a press interview. Both in my eyes dragged the United States down the dump. This had me thinking and what crossed my mind was a song, a hymn that is more than a hymn, it is in fact a proud national anthem and in memory of my American friends I thought maybe all Americans should be reminded of this song

I am not sure whether this birthday cake can be called a rainbow cake or not.

Anyway it had a nice taste. Enjoy the day.


This young man is as a result of a motorcycle accident paralysed from his waist down and is wheelchair bound. He did not let this disadvantage put him down and has become an avid surfer. In the pic below he is having a word with his trainer before taking to the water.

Enjoy a super Saturday.

A month ago a munitions factory exploded resulting in the death of eight workers. We were some five kilometres away and felt the shockwave of the explosion. I managed to get this photo of the smoke rising into the sky.

Enjoy the day.