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As life goes one never knows what surprises may suddenly come up. Thanks to an observant visitor the under photographed object was noticed on one of the pickup’s one tyre. Thank heavens it was embedded horizontally or my vocabulary would have been enriched tremendously in addition to maybe at speed it could have been worse.

Nail on, not in, a tyre, picked up horizontally by the tread

Still counting my luck.


Rain clouds approaching and we did get some rain, albeit far less than what we wanted, only 7mm (.25 inches).

Level 4b water restrictions remain in place in Cape Town. That means we must try to use less than 87 liters (23 US gallons or 19 imperial gallons) per person per day. Thanks to the drought water is no longer a commodity, it has become precious.

Enjoy the evening.

During last week’s storm the wind exposed its fury in no uncertain terms.

The snapped off crown of a tree blocking a street

Enjoy the start of the new week. For us here we will again be blessed with some more rain.

Cape Town yesterday surely lived up to its nickname Cape of Storms. Wind gusts of over 70 km/h (+/-44 mph) and the long awaited rain bucketed down upon us.

The early daybreak warning

The rain bucketing down

It was truly a stay indoors day, wet, cold and gale force winds. However our drought is still very far from broken, but in a few days we should here what the effect on our dams was. However, it was not enough to bring any relief to our water restrictions. Enjoy a super day.

Two recommendations in a coffee shop.

A recipe

Take away menu

Enjoy a super day, meanwhile we are preparing ourselves for tomorrow when apparently the Cape of Storms may live up to its name.

The saying goes red sky in the morning the sailor’s warning (or shepherd if you wish), but yesterday it was no empty promise and we had some good rain during the evening

However, the drought is far from over and water restrictions will stay with us for a long time.

Enjoy a super day.

When Trump became president of the United States Americans in their droves took to the streets in protest.  Little did we in South Africa know that we too will have a similar day where in our droves we will take to the streets demanding that our president resigns. Following an unsuspected cabinet reshuffle which had the highly effective minister of finance and his deputy replaced by two people each with no financial experience and each with somewhat checkered pasts and the down grading to junk status of South Africa by the ratings agency Standard and Poor South Africans mobilised.  On Friday 7 April demonstrations demanding the resignation of the president were held in all cities and major towns. We went to one such venue close to us to join in the protest. Below some photos I took at the event.

Like the Americans still have Trump we still have Zuma.

Nevertheless have a great Sunday.

At the best of times I do not like cemetaries as they appear to me as neglected yards – grave yards, in South Africa at least.  However, on our return to Bremblens from Lenk our host stopped at a small vollage called Koppelboden to show us something most extra ordinary – a church and the cemetary cared for by the congegration.  All the graves look exactly identical in each separate section except that behind the cross in the main section there is a wood engraving depicting the deceased profession and an accompanying text from the Bible.  It was truly a remarkable stop and how wonderful to see what can be achieved by a community that takes care of its own needs.  The Swiss are amazing people.  Let me not wast more time by creating words and rather let the photos do the talking.

Koppelboden church

Koppelboden cemetary 1

Koppelboden cemetary 2

Koppelboden cemetary 7

Koppelboden cemetary 8

Slowly preparing for our return home on Sunday.  Looking forward to seeing the pets again.

Have a super day and a super weekend too.

A poor guy collapsed in a square, but security and help was quickly on hand

c Casualty

Have a super Saturday.


“Hey, you have a nice blog and we ARE going to USE it without your permission.  If you are unhappy go get lost.”


Yes folks, I made one discovery today – are we being exploited or simply misused?  After restoring my laptop back to its formal glory having found and removed the malware virus I went into that give it the works in testing.  Part of this was that I opened my blog archives and at random opened them to see if everyting is working the way it should.  And here what I discovered – check the photo below and then I will explain.

c DSC_0003

The words “chicken” and “trying” appear in red and is underlined which indicates a link to elsewhere.  Strange I never did such linking when I posted the blogs.  But those links are all over.  The links will take you to make a zillion Dollars a month from home right through to dating and porno sites!!  Now in all honesty I won’t mind hosting links, BUT then with my permission and approval plus a couple of Dollars in the bank.  After all posting a blog is not as easy as having Post Toasties for breakfast, damn it is work and intellectual activity.  Any of you experiencing the same exploitation of your intellectual property?

Sometimes life sucks, but anyway enjoy the final weekend evening.